Oct 14, 2014

Research Trip- Field Museum, Chicago, August 2014

Saltonstall Arts Residency, Ithaca NY, 2014

Setting up studio

The Efts in the woods

Made at The Residency show at CAP Artspace, Ithaca.

Visiting Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Thanks to one of the locals for my new bat specimen!

Eastern Shrew found on an evening walk

Feb 14, 2014

Vermont Studio Center Residency, October 2013.

Sunset over the Studio

Autumn colours of Vermont and New Hampshire

Feb 2, 2014

Interesting talk by Alain de Botton on his new book - "Art as Therapy"

Here is a link to the talk on The School of Life You Tube channel.

Nov 14, 2013

BBC Reith Lectures- Grayson Perry

Loving these fantastic lectures given by the artists artist - the wonderful Grayson Perry.

Natural History Museum, London UK, Research Trip 2013

Jun 20, 2012

Visiting Wyoming and Montana

Visiting Wyoming and Montana

Inside one of the Visitor's Center's in Yellowstone.

Elk scapula found hiking.

"Drawing" made with a 22" rifle!

A Montana Moth!

Researching at Horniman Museum and The Natural History Museum London

One of the Moth displays at The Horniman Museum