Jun 16, 2016

Ligo Project - Art Science Residency, June-December 2016

I am thrilled to have been invited to participate in The Ligo Project- Art Science Residency 2016.

I have been partenered with The John Petrini Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering. More details will follow as the project evolves.

In the meantime for more info about Dr John Petrini and the labs research click here.

For info regarding The Ligo Project click here.

Upcoming Exhibition: Art Gallery of Ballarat, VIC, Australia: July 9th - October 2nd.

A drawing from the Suite of work "Paradigms and Harbingers" will be on show at The Art Gallery of Ballarat as part of the Rick Amor Drawing Prize.

Mar 16, 2016

Forthcoming show- Water Ecologies, March 29th- May 7th, Transition Gallery, Idaho State University

"Water Ecologies"

Transition Gallery, Idaho  State University, ID.

Exhibition Dates : March 29th- May 7th 2016

The drawing installation 'Tidings of Invisible Things-Ribeiroia Ondatrae parasite deformity", 2015 will be included in the exhibiton "Water Ecologies", sponsored by the Idaho State University Department of Art, in partnership with NFS/EPSCoR MILES*. 

Feb 14, 2016

Upcoming show- "Nature Gone Wrong", Drive By Projects, MA, April 3- May 14th 2016

Nature Gone Wrong
Drive-by Projects, MA
81 Spring Street, Watertown, MA

Exhibition dates: April 3 - May 14, 2016

Drive-By Projects' upcoming project, Nature Gone Wrong,  features work by Sophia Narrett, Judith Belzer, Tanya Chaly and Soe Yu Nwe.

Four drawings from the Imperfect Indicator Suite will be on show.

Above image: "Dead Woodpecker with Spore", 2014

Charcoal, pastel and punctured drawing on paper, 11 x 14 inches.

Dec 6, 2015

Upcoming Solo Exhibition- "Gorongosa in Restoration - Cu baliwa cutswa" Artist-In-Exploration Award (Sponsored by Rolex USA), December 10th- 17th, 2015

Chingue –Blue Duiker, 2015,

Charcoal, pastel, punctured drawing, linen book binding thread and entomology pins on paper, 30 x 44 inches.

The Explorers Club 

Exhibition runs December 10th-17th.

46 E. 70th Street

(Between Madison and Park Avenue).

The Explorers Club Artist-in-Exploration program, sponsored by Rolex, will hold its second-annual artist's exhibit in the Trophy Room and the first-annual artist's lecture in the Clark Room, on Thursday, December 10, 2015.  Our 2014 Artist-in-Exploration, Tanya Chaly, an Australian artist living in New York City, will talk about her expedition and work, "Gorongosa in Restoration - Cu baliwa cutswa," documenting the continuing restoration of Gorongosa National Park in Central Mozambique.

Gorongosa was once one of the richest wildlife refuges in the world, but it was decimated and virtually lay in ruins by the end of the civil war that raged from the mid-1970’s until 1992, following independence from Portugal in 1975.  In 2004, an initiative through the Carr Foundation established a foundation to ensure and aid the recovery and restoration of the park and surrounding war-torn communities.  

Her project was to produce a suite of works based on the ongoing restoration of Gorongosa National Park. While in Gorongosa, she spent time in the  E.O Wilson laboratory there, photographing and sketching specimens, as well as taking day trips and drives into the park. She was interested in documenting the many aspects of the restoration of the park from the smallest components looking at insect populations, plant and seed dispersal data, as well as larger perspectives such as the distinct geographic zones of the park, the monitoring of animal population changes and the return and re-introduction of mega fauna. The work that resulted from her expedition includes three distinct bodies, a Specimen Suite, Fieldwork Studies and a set of large scale drawings.


This work was produced with the assistance of the 2014 Artist-in-Exploration Award (Rolex USA).


Jun 7, 2015

Announcement - Recipient of the 2014 New York Explorers Club Artist in Exploration Award (underwritten by Rolex USA).

This program is a rare opportunity to receive funding for art created while working in the field. Submitted proposals are limited to artwork that falls within the traditional definition of Fine Art, which includes painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, and photography. Film and video will not be considered in this program at this time.

A $25,000 award will be given to one artist or proposal, as selected by the Artist-in-Exploration Review Committee.

Apr 6, 2015

Forthcoming Show - May 2015, Moreton Bay Art Awards, Pine Rivers Gallery, Queensland, Australia

One of the drawings from the suite "The Future Eaters" has been included in the Moreton Bay Region Art  Awards.